Mind Mapping Two

Another great process is a Top 10 List and one of my favorites for quick manifestation.

All that is needed is a piece of paper and a pen.

Across the top of the paper write:-

(YOUR NAME) Top Ten List

Then list from 1 to 10 the things you would like to have. You can list 10 “things” or shape the list around one item. Take your list with you wherever you go and a couple times a day, spend a moment or two reflecting on the listed items. As they start appearing, cross them off your list and replace them with something new.

An example of shaping the list around a desire – I was listening to a client of mine speak as to how she would like to have a relationship, yet all the men she was finding to spend time with were in her own words, not worth the lipstick. We spoke for a bit about what she wanted, and her attention was reaffirming what she was already dating.

I asked her to get her thoughts around the ‘what if’ this perfect for her man existed what would he look like, what would he do for a living, etc. She then lit up like a kid at Christmas and you could see the wheels turning as she thought of what she would like.

She wrote the 10 things that were important. Humor, liked kids, well-groomed and mannered, successful and so on. She then kept this list and applied diligence to looking at it every day. Not too long into her process, she met the exact man on her list. He is wildly handsome, well groomed, loved kids, successful young unattached Chiropractor.

I know you are thinking a happy ending, right? No. The one thing that is paramount for this lady is height. She, herself is 5’9 - likes to wear heals and desires a man over 6 feet tall. This man who matched her list completely did not fall into the height category of over 6 feet tall, as he is 5’7 in stocking feet. She realized she did not include the importance of height on her list.

Whether you are scripting for an ideal, like above or just things you want now… Specifics are important when it comes to having what you want. Just have fun with it, don’t worry about the when or the how these things appear. Learn to train your thoughts on what IS wanted, not what you don’t. It is a very fine line in life, be clear and most of all concise in the desire of what you want.

I myself, wanted a new car. I made a list of the things I wanted my car to have, and living in the mid-west, where temperatures can be a bit extreme on both ends, really wanted air conditioned seats. My current car already had heated ones, which was very nice in the winter, so my next car would offer the same comfort in the summer, as leather tends to get very hot. My list looked like this:-

Karen’s Top 10 List – New Car 2013

1. Lincoln MKX

6. Heated Steering Wheel

2. Pearl White exterior

7. Push button ignition

3. Tan Leather interior

8. Sun Roof with Shade

4. Remote Start

9. Remote Hatch

5. Heated and Cooled seats

10. $20,000.00

Now, I did not add into my mix, that a luxury SUV like that does not exist for that dollar amount. I simply focused my attention on what I wanted. The time finally came for me to consider looking for a new car, and I went to look at the local Ford dealer for SUV’s. I had a very nice sales person, who was thrilled to show me the latest in all of the SUV’s his lot carried. After test driving a couple, I thanked him for his time, informing him they were in fact, nice rides to be sure, but not what I wanted. He asked me what I did want, and I told him I really wanted a Lincoln MKX. He said he thinks his dealership at another location, has one.

Hopeful, yet hesitant, I asked him to check it out for me. I had been here most of the day, I was tired and hungry and it was beginning to snow. He came back and said that the other dealership in fact, did have one and he took the liberty of asking them to warm it up to get ready for a test drive. He took me over there and to my utter joy was a pearl white Lincoln MKX! It was used with low miles, the tan leather interior, heated and COOLED seating, remote start, everything on my list and more as it was loaded with extras for, you guessed it $23,000.00. The value of my trade and cash down brought it to under $20,000.00.

Two things are important here. First, my list was from 2013, and this event took place in February 2015. The used MKX I bought was a 2013! Second, never once did I believe I couldn’t have what I wanted. Every time I saw a commercial, I would say either out loud or to myself, I really love that car, my list fairly crumpled in my wallet, was still being looked at.

Keep in mind, bigger things take a bit longer, however if you really want something and you are following the above way to get it, know it is going to eventually meet you somewhere, so don’t give up hope.

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